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How To Make Natural Straw Star Ornaments

Learn how to make natural straw star ornaments from scratch! Old-fashioned straw ornaments are an eco-friendly, cheap and easy natural Christmas decoration.

How To Make Natural Straw Star Ornaments Step By Step Tutorial

Straw star ornaments are easy to make at home. All you need for these natural Christmas ornaments is straw and a piece of thread. DIY straw ornaments look pretty as Christmas decorations. Continue reading How To Make Natural Straw Star Ornaments

How To Make Straw Christmas Ornaments

How To Make Straw Christmas Ornaments

‘Straw is an ageless material closely associated with Christmas. […] Love and joy go into the craftsmanship, and each member of the family has a part in it. The father cuts the grain, the children husk and sort it, the mother makes it into wonderfully imaginative objects. And Christmas Eve seems mystical when the candles are lit and the shiny straw reflects their shimmering light.’ (The joyful Christmas craft book, 1963, p. 76) Continue reading How To Make Straw Christmas Ornaments

18th Century Hand-Plaited Straw Bergère Hat

18th Century Hand Braided Straw Bergere Hat

Bergère hats were popular in the 18th century. A bergère is a hat with a low crown and wide brim and was usually made of straw. Despite the name Рbergère means shepherdess in French Рbergère hats were also worn by rich women.

Inspired by antique 18th century straw bergère hats like this 18th century straw bergère hat at the MET museum, I made this straw hat from scratch! I used wheat straw, soaked it in water to make it bendable, braided it into a long braid and then stitched the straw braid together with invisible stitches.

Bergère hats of rich women were usually covered with silk and trimmed with ribbon. But there were also plain straw bergère hats. The only trimming of my straw bergère hat is a blue cotton ribbon.

This handmade straw hat is also the foundation for my Edwardian hat with ostrich feathers and roses.