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Victorian Rosewater Glycerin Lotion

Avoid toxic chemicals and make a simple homemade lotion with just 2 ingredients: rosewater & glycerin. Rosewater glycerin lotion has been popular since the Victorian era.

Victorian Rosewater Glycerin Lotion Homemade Moisturizer

Victorian and Edwardian ladies used rosewater glycerin lotion as everyday lotion before applying face powder and as mild face toner after washing their face. Continue reading Victorian Rosewater Glycerin Lotion

All-Natural Rose Petal Jelly

Rose Petal Jelly Recipe

This rose jelly is made with fresh rose petals. It’s a stunning dessert, delicious and easy to make. Isn’t the color amazing? The rose jelly is made without artificial food coloring – it’s naturally colored with pink rose petals!

Continue reading All-Natural Rose Petal Jelly

10+ Recipes With Fresh Rose Petals

10+ Recipes With Fresh Rose Petals

Roses smell heavenly and what’s best roses are edible! Use fresh rose petals to make rose lemonade, rose ice cream, cake with rose buttercream, candied roses, rose syrup, homemade rose water or all-natural blush colored with fresh rose petals! Continue reading 10+ Recipes With Fresh Rose Petals

Purple Rose Petal Lemonade

Purple Rose Petal Lemonade

This purple rose petal lemonade is naturally colored and scented with fresh rose petals! Rose petal lemonade is an easy, refreshing, cooling drink on hot summer days. You’ll only need three ingredients for this pretty purple lemonade: fresh rose petals, sugar and water! Continue reading Purple Rose Petal Lemonade

DIY Hairspray Recipe – Victorian Rose Bandoline

DIY Hairspray Recipe - Victorian Rose Bandoline

I was surprised when I found Victorian recipes for hairspray! 😀 In Victorian times, hairspray was called bandoline which was used to set curls. Victorian hairspray was made with quince seeds, gum arabic or gum tragacanth. Here I tried a Victorian recipe for ‘Rose Bandoline’ made with gum arabic and rosewater. Continue reading DIY Hairspray Recipe – Victorian Rose Bandoline

Homemade Rose Water Hydrosol

Homemade Rose Water Hydrosol

This is method 3 of my short series about how to make rosewater at home: This time I made ‘real’ rosewater – rosewater hydrosol (here you’ll find method 1 – heat infusion and method 2 – cold infusion).

Rosewater is a by-product of the distillation of rose petals to make rose oil. My tutorial is for distilling rosewater without a still at home. Continue reading Homemade Rose Water Hydrosol