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All-Natural Rose Petal Jelly

Rose Petal Jelly Recipe

This rose jelly is made with fresh rose petals. It’s a stunning dessert, delicious and easy to make. Isn’t the color amazing? The rose jelly is made without artificial food coloring – it’s naturally colored with pink rose petals!



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DIY Hairspray Recipe – Victorian Rose Bandoline

DIY Hairspray Recipe - Victorian Rose Bandoline

I was surprised when I found Victorian recipes for hairspray! 😀 In Victorian times, hairspray was called bandoline which was used to set curls. Victorian hairspray was made with quince seeds, gum arabic or gum tragacanth. Here I tried a Victorian recipe for ‘Rose Bandoline’ made with gum arabic and rosewater. Continue reading DIY Hairspray Recipe – Victorian Rose Bandoline

Homemade Rose Water Hydrosol

Homemade Rose Water Hydrosol

This is method 3 of my short series about how to make rosewater at home: This time I made ‘real’ rosewater – rosewater hydrosol (here you’ll find method 1 – heat infusion and method 2 – cold infusion).

Rosewater is a by-product of the distillation of rose petals to make rose oil. My tutorial is for distilling rosewater without a still at home. Continue reading Homemade Rose Water Hydrosol