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Naturally Red & Green Christmas Cookies (No Food Coloring Added)

Naturally Red And Green Christmas Cookies (No Food Coloring Added)

These festive red and green Christmas shortbread cookies are naturally colored with beets and pistachios.

The pistachio- and beet-colored cookies are the last project of my Advent Calendar 2017. Merry Christmas to you! Continue reading Naturally Red & Green Christmas Cookies (No Food Coloring Added)

All-Natural Rose Petal Jelly

Rose Petal Jelly Recipe

This rose jelly is made with fresh rose petals. It’s a stunning dessert, delicious and easy to make. Isn’t the color amazing? The rose jelly is made without artificial food coloring – it’s naturally colored with pink rose petals!



Continue reading All-Natural Rose Petal Jelly

DIY Pom Pom Sandals – From Scratch!

DIY Pom Pom Leather Sandals - From Scratch!

Pom poms are everywhere right now! These colorful little yarn balls adorn shoes, hats, bags and the hair! Pom poms add a boho twist to any outfit.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make cute pom pom sandals from scratch! 😀 All you need is a piece of leather and yarn. Continue reading DIY Pom Pom Sandals – From Scratch!

Purple Rose Petal Lemonade

Purple Rose Petal Lemonade

This purple rose petal lemonade is naturally colored and scented with fresh rose petals! Rose petal lemonade is an easy, refreshing, cooling drink on hot summer days. You’ll only need three ingredients for this pretty purple lemonade: fresh rose petals, sugar and water! Continue reading Purple Rose Petal Lemonade

Victorian Raspberry Cream Pie

Victorian Raspberry Cream Pie

After baking 1910s strawberry custard pie and 1910s mock cream pie, I couldn’t wait to try out another antique pie recipe! 😀 Raspberry cream pie dates back to the 1880s: it’s an easy and delicious summer pie recipe with a raspberry and dairy-free cream filling. The sweet cream is perfect with the tangy raspberry filling. The cream filling is also delicious as dairy-free whipped cream substitute with cakes and desserts! Continue reading Victorian Raspberry Cream Pie