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Victorian Orange Ice Cream – Dairy-Free

A delicious and refreshing homemade ice cream on hot summer days – this Victorian orange ice cream is dairy-free and easy and fast to make with just 4 ingredients!

Victorian Orange Ice Cream

This orange ice cream is a Victorian recipe: it was published in The Home Cook Book in 1877. Give the Victorian orange ice cream a try – it’s so creamy and so delicious, it tastes of summer! And you need just 4 ingredients for the homemade orange ice cream: oranges, sugar, water and egg whites! Continue reading Victorian Orange Ice Cream – Dairy-Free

Candied Orange Slices

Candied Orange Slices

Candied orange slices are chewy and sweet and so orangey! They’re chrunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Candied orange slices are easy to make at home. They look great as cake decoration and are perfect as edible gifts for the holiday season. You can dip them in chocolate or enjoy them on their own with a cup of tea or coffee!


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DIY Candied Lemon And Orange Peel – Recipe

DIY Candied Lemon And Orange Peel - Recipe

I never thought candied lemon and orange peel is so easy to make at home! 😀 And it’s a great way to use up citrus peels. Homemade candied citrus peel is so flavorful and delicious on its own, but you can also use it for cookies, cassata siciliana, or dip them in chocolate for an unusual holiday treat. Continue reading DIY Candied Lemon And Orange Peel – Recipe