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Edwardian Easter Gowns For The Easter Parade

‘If Easter Sunday is clear there will be an Easter parade up Fifth avenue that will outshine in brilliancy any previous Easter function of this kind ever beheld by fashionable New York-srs. For awhile, you will remember it was not considered good form to parade on Easter Sunday. But in the many revivals of the twentieth century the revival of the Easter parade is one of the most marked. To go to church is, of course, the correct thing; and to walk afterward is also accepted as in accord with the spirit of Easter; and what more certain than that every woman will wear her best hat and best gown out to enjoy the sunshine of the April day.’ (San Francisco Call, 1903)

‘The famous “Easter Parade” on Fifth avenue on the morning of Easter has degenerated in recent years. It is no longer the fashionable function it once was – at least not wholly so.

Edwardian Easter Parade In New York
‘Easter Parade in New York not what it once was’ (Sacramento Union, 1909)

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5 Ways To Reuse Old T-Shirts (With Link Party)

5 Ways To Reuse Old T-Shirts (With Link Party)

I don’t like to throw out things when I can reuse or upcycle them. There are many ways how to use old jersey knit clothes or leftover jersey scraps. I’ll show you how I refashioned old boring and ill-fitting T-shirts into something I’d wear again! And I’d love to see your creative T-shirt refashion and upcycling projects! 😀 Share your knit fabric reusing and refashioning ideas in the link party below. The link party will stay open, so you can always add new upcycled jersey knit projects. Continue reading 5 Ways To Reuse Old T-Shirts (With Link Party)