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The Easiest DIY Tug Toy – Your Dog Will Love It!

What I love about this DIY tug toy is that it’s cheap, eco-friendly and so easy and quick to make. It takes less than 5 minutes to make the no-sew DIY dog toy!

The Easiest DIY Tug Toy - Your Dog Will Love It!

This DIY tug toy is the favorite toy of my puppy – apart from cardboard boxes and empty toilet paper rolls! 😉 My puppy Khaleesi is a destroyer and heavy chewer so she needs DIY dog toys that are durable and easy and quick to make. Continue reading The Easiest DIY Tug Toy – Your Dog Will Love It!

Gingerbread Dog Treats – Recipe

Bake festive gingerbread cookies for your pup this Christmas! These gingerbread dog treats are flavored with cinnamon, cloves and ginger.

Gingerbread Dog Treats

A while ago, Khaleesi’s stomach was upset (Khaleesi is my black GSD puppy). So, besides Moro’s carrot soup, I fed her browned apple with cinnamon and other spices every evening. She soon loved her evening spice mix. Therefore I thought I’d bake her gingerbread treats with cinnamon, cloves and ginger for Christmas!

Cinnamon, cloves and ginger are safe and even healthy for dogs (unlike nutmeg which is toxic for dogs when consumed in large amounts). There are two types of cinnamon: ceylon cinnamon and cassia cinnamon. I used ceylon cinnamon because cassia cinnamon contains far more coumarin than ceylon cinnamon. While cassia cinnamon is still safe in small amounts, I chose ceylon cinnamon to be on the safe side. And ginger is just as healthy for dogs as it is for humans. Besides being a natural anti-inflammatory agent, it prevents nausea and helps to support digestion. Cloves (not to be confused with garlic cloves) are ok too. Even though they contain eugenol and shouldn’t be fed in large amount, cloves are safe in small amounts. Continue reading Gingerbread Dog Treats – Recipe

2 DIY Christmas Dog Toys: Christmas Wreath & Candy Cane Dog Toy

Who doesn’t like a toy for Christmas? Turn old clothes and fabric scraps into these 2 cute DIY Christmas dog toys: A green and red Christmas wreath dog toy and and a red and white candy cane dog toy. You’re pup will love them!

2 DIY Christmas Dog Toys - Christmas Wreath & Candy Cane Dog Toy

These 2 DIY Christmas dog toys are great for playing fetch and tug-of-war with your dog. And the Christmas toys cost you nothing if you use your old torn clothes to make them. For the Christmas wreath dog toy I used an old sweater that I wore as a child. And for the candy cane dog toy I used old red and white fabric strips. Sweater pants and leggings work well too because you can cut them into long strips.

On my puppy’s instagram account @khaleesi_theblackgsd I share pictures of her playing with the DIY Christmas dog toys. Continue reading 2 DIY Christmas Dog Toys: Christmas Wreath & Candy Cane Dog Toy

Naturally Green Dog Treats – Colored With Sunflower Seeds!

These naturally green dog treats are naturally colored with sunflower seeds!

Naturally Green Dog Treats - Colored With Sunflower Seeds!

Aren’t these green dog treats fun? They’re perfect for Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day! And what’s best they’re made without artificial food coloring: Sunflower seeds make these dog treats naturally green! Sunflower seeds contain chlorogenic acid which turns green in an alkaline environment (baking soda). Continue reading Naturally Green Dog Treats – Colored With Sunflower Seeds!

Victorian Rag Ball – Tutorial

Learn to make an authentic Victorian rag ball for your kid, pup, or as decoration.

Victorian Rag Ball - Tutorial

In the Victorian era, a rag ball was a toy of poor children. Old rags and fabric scraps were wound into a ball and covered with ball stitches to hold the rags together: ‘Ball Stitch – A stitch used in making ornamental balls for children.’ (Embroidery Stitches, 1872, p. 9)

Rag balls were popular Victorian Christmas presents. Victorian mothers would make rag balls for their toddlers, while kids could make their own rag balls – rag balls are so easy and fast to make! And cheap too – using just what you’d usually throw away!

Today, rag balls are still popular: They are a favorite decoration at Christmas time. Or you could make a rag ball as soft toy ball for your baby or toddler. ‘There are innumerable games to be played with a soft ball which the very tiny children even can enjoy and profit by.’ (Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia, 1910-2)  And if you don’t have a toddler, your pup would love a new toy too! Continue reading Victorian Rag Ball – Tutorial

5 DIY No-Sew Recycled Denim Dog Toys

Make no-sew recycled denim dog toys out of old jeans! It’s easy, fast and free! And your pup will love it!

5 DIY No-Sew Recycled Denim Dog Toys

Since May 1 there’s a whirlwind in my life: A black German shepherd puppy (more pictures of her on her instagram account @khaleesi_theblackgsd). She’s a little destroyer! 😉 In the last weeks, she destroyed part of the cork floor, some of her toys, Grandma’s midcentury chair – and even her harness! So her toys have to be sturdy and robust! Continue reading 5 DIY No-Sew Recycled Denim Dog Toys

DIY Octopus Dog Toy Out Of Old Jeans

Make a cute DIY octopus dog toy with jeans pockets!

DIY Octopus Dog Toy Out Of Old Jeans

This DIY octopus dog toy out of old jeans is a great project for sewing beginners because it doesn’t matter if the seams are uneven! Your pup will love it just the same! For the denim toy you’re going to need two jeans pockets, some denim fabric for the “octopus tentacles” and old fabric scraps for stuffing. I used the jeans pockets that were leftover from my 5 DIY No-Sew Recycled Denim Dog Toys.

Note: If your pup is a heavy chewer, like mine, it’s best to omit the octopus tentacles! My puppy loved the tentacles but she chewed them off in about 10 minutes! 😉 But the rest of the dog toy is still holding up. Continue reading DIY Octopus Dog Toy Out Of Old Jeans

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DIY T-Shirt Dog Toy
DIY T-Shirt Dog Toy

Turn your old T-shirts into a T-shirt dog toy that your pup will love! Continue reading 10 DIY Pet Projects & Recipes