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Edwardian Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial

Edwardian Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a basic Edwardian Pompadour hairstyle. This 1910 Pompadour updo is described as ‘chic and pretty, without being in any way over-elaborate’. ‘The Pompadour style is one of the quickest methods of dressing the hair’ (Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia, 1910-2): It can be done in less than ten minutes. Continue reading Edwardian Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial

1850s hairstyle – for day or evening

In the 1840s to 1850s, a lady would often twist her hair into a bun, while the front section of hair was sometimes curled (‘spaniel curls‘). This hairstyle could be worn during the day (here the ringlets can be seen under the bonnet of the visiting lady on the right) or as ball hairstyle. Here are three more photographs of ladys wearing this hairstyle during the day (1840s, 1840-50s, 1850s).

1850s hairstyle, curls, day cap

I’ve recreated this hairstyle. I’ve curled the front part of my hair using a period appropriate curling method Continue reading 1850s hairstyle – for day or evening