Naturally Blue Fried Eggs

Naturally blue fried eggs colored with homemade natural blue food coloring – a fun twist on classic fried eggs!

Naturally Blue Fried Eggs

These fried eggs are naturally dyed with red cabbage! Aren’t they fun? And they taste just like ordinary fried eggs!

Naturally Blue Eggs

Naturally Blue Fried Eggs


Naturally Blue Fried Eggs


Separate the eggs. Dye the egg whites with some drops homemade natural blue food coloring. Don’t use too much – the color is pretty dark.

Naturally Blue Fried Eggs

Heat butter in a skillet over medium heat until hot. Pour in the blue egg whites. Add the yolks and season with salt. Serve with bread or toast.

Blue Fried Eggs With Natural Food Coloring

Because egg whites are alkaline, they turn more greenish blue while baking.


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Naturally Blue Fried Eggs

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