Lengthening A Too Short Dress

Lengthening A Too Short 1920s Cotton And Lace Dress

I found this 1920s-style beaded lace dress so pretty, so I bought it. But I found it a bit short.

1920s style beaded dress
1920s-style beaded dress

1920s beaded lace dress

So I used a piece of leftover, lightweight cotton fabric and attached it at the bottom of the dress just under the tucks and lace.

Lengthening A Too Short Dress

The fabric looks slightly different in the picture above, but it’s hardly noticeable when the dress is worn.Lengthening A Too Short Cotton And Lace Dress

-> More picture of the dress with my DIY pom pom straw clutch

1920s shabby chic beaded dress

In the background you can see my antique linen chemise.

Shabby chic dresses

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