Invisible Wool Mend – Vintage Embroidery And Sewing Techniques Part 8

Invisible Wool Mend - Vintage Embroidery And Sewing Techniques Part 8

In 1950-2, my grandmother, a dressmaker, made these invisible wool mending sampler.

1950s invisible wool mend-7

The first sampler is a thin, plaid wool fabric with three different mends.

1950s invisible wool mending

The first mend is set between the stripes, so the seams are hardly noticeable.

1950s invisible plaid wool mend

The second mend goes across the stripes.

vintage wool mending
Handsewn buttonhole (-> more about 1950s handsewn buttonholes)

The third mend is the whole placket of the sampler.

1950s invisible wool mend back view
Back view of mend 1

Because the wool fabric frays, all the raw edges are finished with tiny buttonhole stitches by hand.

vintage hand buttonhole stitches
Close-up of buttonhole stitches
vintage invisible wool mend wrong side
Close-up of mend, wrong side
vintage invisible wool mending
Back view of mend 2 and 3
vintage invisible wool placket mend
Mend 3: The placket

To make the placket, a new piece of fabric is added. On the right side, it is joined by a seam; on the wrong side, the fabric pieces are again joined by tiny hand-sewn buttonhole stitches.

1950s invisible wool placket mend
The invisible placket mend
vintage invisible placket mend wrong side
Buttonhole stitches, wrong side of mend 3

invisible wool mend

Sampler 2 is again a thin, but solid colored wool fabric with a triangle and a square mend.

invisible wool mend back view

The raw edges are also finished with hand-worked buttonhole stitches.

invisible wool mend buttonhole stitches by hand
Back view of mend with buttonhole stitches

invisible boiled wool mend

The third sampler is a thick boiled wool fabric with two mends.

invisible felte wool mend

Because the fabric doesn’t fray, the edges are left unfinished.


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