How To Make An Edwardian Lace Yoke (Tutorial)

How To Make An Edwardian Lace Yoke (Tutorial)

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to join lace ribbons to make an Edwardian lace yoke with standing collar.


  • lace (I used cotton Maline and Valenciennes lace)
  • sewing thread
  • sewing needle
  • scissor
  • cardboard
  • pattern

diy edwardian yoke and standing collar

Make your own pattern for the yoke and standing collar, or use a commercial pattern.

cut edwarian cardboard pattern

Cut your pattern out of cardboard.

baste lace 1900s lace yoke

Baste the lace to the cardboard with long stitches and a contrasting thread. Use a strong sewing needle for this step.

baste lace victorian lace yoke

If the lace is very delicate and not very wide, you can just baste it to cardboard without gathering it.

gather lace 1900s lace yoke

If the lace is wider and less pliable, gather the lace at the top edge with tiny running stitches. The Maline lace I used didn’t need gathering, while the wider Valenciennes lace did.

sew lace for lace yoke

Sew the lace together with tiny whipstitches. Use a thinner sewing needle now.

antique lace yoke tutorial

Add more lace till you’ve covered your whole pattern piece with lace.

edwardian lace standing collar

Then make the lace standing collar. I used only Maline lace for the collar.

antique edwardian lace standing collar
Finished Edwardian lace standing collar
1900s lace standing collar
Detail view of lace collar

finished edwardian lace yoke

That’s my finished lace yoke and collar.

remove basting stitches lace yoke

Now remove the basting stitches of the collar.

diy lace fabric tutorial

And you’ve made your own lace fabric! The lace is very delicate and soft-draping.

attach lace collar to lace yoke

Attach the collar to the lace yoke, again with tiny whipstiches.

whipstitch lace yoke

And the Edwardian lace yoke and collar is finished!

How To Make An Edwardian Lace Yoke (Tutorial)

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