Edwardian Haymaking With The Scythe

Edwardian Haymaking Pictures Scythe

‘No part of the business of farming is more pleasant than hay-making.’ (Merry’s Museum, 1843)

I love haymaking with the scythe! 😀

Edwardian Haymaking Picture

Ususally, one is told today it’s too difficult to learn and no one knows anymore how to use the  scythe. But thanks to the internet I’ve learned how to mow with a scythe, make hay and care for the scythe through youtube videos. And mowing with a scythe isn’t difficult at all! 😀

Edwardian Haymaking

Mowing with the scythe is the best full body workout! 😉 ‘No set exercise can be devised that will replace natural use, and no combination of exercises can equal in curative effect the use of a scythe’ (Massage. Its Principles And Practice, 1920).

Edwardian Haymaking

For the pictures I tried to mow with the scythe while wearing my Edwardian working woman outfit.

Historical Haymaking
Edwardian Pompadour hairstyle

I’m wearing a chemise, petticoats, a blue cotton skirt and my black wool stays.

Edwardian Haymaking, Rake

Sometimes the long skirt’s in the way and I fear the clothing would be too warm on a hot day. But it’s possible to make hay in Edwardian clothing. 😉

Edwardian Haymaking

Here you’ll find my pinterest board with paintings and pictures of Victorian and Edwardian working women.

3 thoughts on “Edwardian Haymaking With The Scythe

  1. Actually, considering the present state of my front lawn after the recent Dandelion growth-spurt, using a Scythe HAS crossed my mind!! — Weed-whackers are an amputation waiting to happen!
    However, as lovely as your attire Looks, with our current 30C+ temps and BUGS, I’ll stick with my less cumbersome ensembles!

  2. I imagine you really do get a good workout doing this. It looks great with your Edwardian outfit, but I imagine jeans and a t shirt might be more practical. That said, if it was good enough for the Edwardians…..!

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