Edwardian Hat

edwardian hat

‘With the summer gown the summer hat will appear […] And one of these is a piazza hat for nice wear, yet so simple that any one might imitate it. The whole trimming consists of a veil or scarf, bordered with lace and rather longer than wide. This is laid around the hat in a swirl and is shaped with the fingers until there are many folds.’ (San Francisco Call, 1903)

edwardian picture hat

I draped white chiffon over a cotton foundation for my big Edwardian hat and sewed it down by hand.

1900s hat rose ostrich plumes satin bow chiffon

Then I trimmed the hat with two large white ostrich plumes, a white satin bow and a pink and cream paper rose with green leaves.

1900s hat close-up

The hat would be suitable for afternoon wear, a summer garden party or another dressy occasion.

big 1900s hat

The hat is inspired by hats like this 1900s hat with tulle and ostrich feather, hat with plumes and roses, hat with plumes, this 1910 hat with plumes and flower, 1908-10 hat with draped net or chiffon and roses, this 1907 photograph of hat with roses, and this 1906 painting of a straw and tulle hat with roses.

edwardian hat back view

Actually, this 1900s chiffon hat is just a slip-on cover for my 18th century hand-plaited straw hat.

1900s hat underside

That way I don’t have to store two hats. 😉

1900s picture hat

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