Edwardian Batiste Lace Chemise

Edwardian Batiste Lace Chemise

I haven’t shown you pictures of me wearing my Edwardian lace chemise yet. I made the chemise in January for the Historical Sew Monthly.

1900s Lace Chemise

The chemise is made with off-white cotton batiste and cream-colored cotton Valenciennes lace which I found on ebay.

Edwardian Lace Chemise Close-up
Valenciennes lace insertion

Edwardian Chemise Lace Detail

The chemise is closed with buttons.

Edwardian Lace Chemise
Scalloped hem with lace edging

Lace Chemise

I’m not really happy with how it turned out because the neckline is too high. So I can’t wear the chemise under my Edwardian lingerie blouse because it shows through the lace collar. I’m thinking about making another chemise or combination suit for my Edwardian lingerie dress! 😉

Victorian Lace Chemise

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