DIY Tape Lace Collar

DIY Tape Lace Collar

At the moment I’m making a DIY tape lace collar for my 1920s rayon chiffon dress. But instead of tape I’m using bobbin lace. This original 1920s tape lace collar with bobbin lace is my main inspiration.

First I cut the shape of the collar out of paper. Then I drew the design freehand with a pencil.

DIY Tape Lace Collar

Then I pinned the lace to the paper. I’m using vintage cotton valenciennes lace (sometimes also called maline lace) which was very popular in the 1920s.

It’s better to baste the lace to the paper. But I thought I’m experienced enough because it’s not my first lace collar – so I just pinned the lace down.

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DIY Tape Lace Collar
Partly finished tape lace collar – front and back

Now the tape lace collar is ready for sewing.

I found this Edwardian book about how to make tape lace.

DIY Tape Lace Collar With Fagoting Stitches

I’m using fagoting stitches to join the lace together. Fagoting was very popular in the Edwardian era and the 1920s. Fagoting is really easy: here are 1920s instructions (with a picture) about how to make fagoting trim.

DIY Tape Lace Collar

Now all there’s left to do is pin and sew the DIY tape lace collar to the dress.

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Here’s a short video that I shared on my instagram account @lina_sewhistorically of how I joined the lace with fagoting stitches.

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial! This collar is beautiful! I’m curious, what width is the maline lace you used? 1/2″? I want to make a collar for an Edwardian gown I’m working on. 😊

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