DIY Rosehip Wreath Ornaments

Make natural DIY rosehip wreath ornaments for your Christmas tree decoration. They’re easy, cheap and fast to make – and perfect for a dog- or kid-friendly Christmas tree!

DIY Rosehip Wreath Ornaments


DIY Rosehip Wreath Ornaments

You’ll need:

  • rosehips
  • wire
  • strong scissors or wire cutter
  • needle


DIY Natural Rosehip Wreath Ornaments Tutorial

The rosehips must be hard – it doesn’t work with soft rosehips.

Pierce each rosehip with a needle or the wire.

Then thread the rosehips onto the wire. I used between 8 and 11 rosehips per wreath.

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When you’ve threaded all rosehips for one wreath, bend the wire into a wreath shape. Twist the ends of the wire together to secure the wreath form, then cut off the excess wire.

The rosehips dry with time and you can keep the DIY rosehip wreath ornaments for next Christmas.


DIY Rosehip Wreath Ornaments
DIY rosehip wreath ornament & DIY Victorian gilded walnuts




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