DIY Natural Toothpaste Recipe

DIY Natural Toothpaste Recipe

I’ve made my first natural toothpaste! Yay! And it turned out great. 😀 It’s an Edwardian recipe: The Orris Root Tooth Soap Recipe from 1916 (ca. in the middle of the page).

victorian edwardian DIY Natural Toothpaste Recipe


  • 1 tsp calcium carbonate
  • 1 tsp orris root powder
  • 1 tsp grated castile soap
  • 1 drop peppermint essential oil
  • water

DIY Natural Toothpaste Recipe

Grate the castile soap bar (or other pure olive oil soap) finely.

victorian edwardian tooth powder tooth paste recipe

The original recipe says to use 225 parts each of calcium carbonate, soap and orris root and 7 parts of peppermint oil (and 4 parts clove oil – but I had none so I left this out). I made just a small batch to try out the toothpaste, so I used 1 tsp each of the dry ingredients and 1 drop of peppermint oil; but this makes a strong peppermint flavor, so I’d use less peppermint oil the next time.

tooth paste

Mix all the ingredients with some water till it has the consistency of ordinary toothpaste. Then brush your teeth with your fresh, homemade toothpaste.

victorian edwardian DIY Natural Toothpaste Recipe

I liked this toothpaste a lot: it’s just like ordinary, store-bought toothpaste, and therefore even better because its natural (without dangerous chemicals) and homemade. It foames like ordinary toothpaste, and has a strong, fresh peppermint flavor (one doesn’t taste the soap). It cleans the teeth very well. I don’t think it’ll keep very long: but one could just mix the dry ingredients, and mix some of the powder with water as needed. I’ll surely make the toothpaste again! 😀

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victorian edwardian DIY Natural Toothpaste Recipe

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