DIY Moss Covered Tin Can

Moss Covered Tin Can

Today’s project of my Easter Countdown 2017 is a very easy and cheap upcycling project: Upcylce a tin can with fresh moss. You’ll just have to take a walk in the woods and gather some fresh moss. 😀 A moss-covered tin can looks beautiful as vase or flowerpot.

Upcycle Tin Can With Fresh Moss

You’ll need:

  • empty tin can
  • fresh moss
  • crochet thread or twine


DIY Moss Wrapped Tin Can Tutorial

Wash the tin can with soap and water – be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edge of the can.

DIY Moss Covered Tin Can Tutorial

Place a piece of moss on the tin can. Wrap crochet thread around the can to secure the moss, then add another piece of moss. Continue till the tin can is covered with moss.

DIY Moss Covered Tin Can Vase Planter Flower Pot
Moss-covered tin can vase with forsythia

Now just add some spring flowers and you’ll have a beautiful spring decoration! 😀

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