DIY Ice Luminaries

DIY Ice Luminaries Tutorial

It was so much fun to make DIY ice candle holders for Christmas Eve that I made ice luminaries again for Three Kings Day. 😀

diy ice luminaries in the snow

This time I used buckets to make big ice luminaries. Here you’ll find my tutorial how to make ice luminaries.

diy ice luminary in the snow cat track blue night
Ice luminary in the snow – and a cat track

diy ice luminaries in snow blue night

diy ice luminaries clear ice
Clear ice luminary

diy ice luminaries in the snow

It was so cold outside at the beginning of the new year that I just put the buckets full of tap water outside. After one night the ice luminaries were frozen solid.

diy ice candle holder tutorial

Air bubbles in ice diy ice luminaries
Air bubbles in ice

diy ice luminaries grey rock snow

To remove the ice luminaries, I poured boiling water around the buckets.

diy ice luminaries grey stone snow

I used my DIY tin can oil lamp instead of a candle or tealight. I find it economical when I can use up old cooking oil (even rancid oil doesn’t smell rancid when it’s burned in an oil lamp) and an oil lamp isn’t as hot as a candle, so the ice doesn’t melt as fast.

diy ice luminaries on frozen river
Ice luminaries on ice

diy ice luminaries on ice

diy ice luminaries ice frozen water

diy oil lamp ice luminaries tutorial
DIY tin can oil lamp

diy oil lamp ice candle holder tutorial

Because it was so cold outside, the cooking oil was solid the next morning! 😀

frosted relief glass candle holder diy ice luminaries

After some days, the weather got warmer. So the ice luminaries began to thaw in the daytime and froze again at night producing a beautiful frosted relief glass.

diy ice luminaries frosted glass effect candle holder

diy ice crown ice candle holder tutorial

After about a week, the ice luminaries melted.

ice crown fire and ice game of thrones

diy ice spikes ice luminaries tutorial ice crown
Ice spikes

diy ice spikes ice luminaries tutorial

diy ice crown ice luminaries tutorial

The melting ice luminary left a beautiful ice crown! 😀

diy ice luminaries tutorial ice crown ice spikes

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  1. I came here from Crafting On – what a wonderful project! Your ice luminaries are magical. I read your original tutorial, and I think my children and I need to make some of those! Thanks for sharing instructions.

  2. This is very different and an inexpensive way to create something beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story and we hope you will join us again next week.

  3. Such a fun idea! I hope to remember to try this next winter. Thanks for sharing in our To Grandma’s House We Go DIY, Crafts, Recipes and more link party! Hope to see you next week.

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