DIY Felt Heart Ornaments – Tutorial

DIY Felt Heart Ornaments Snowflake

Aren’t these felt heart ornaments cute? All you need is some leftover broadcloth or wool felt and yarn in red and white. And it takes just a couple of minutes to make one felt heart.

You’ll need:

  • grey wool felt – I used leftover broadcloth from my Victorian coat
  • red and white yarn
  • needle
  • scissor

Cut out two felt hearts (you can use a heart cookie cutter to make a pattern). For the snowflake felt hearts: Embroider one felt heart with a snowflake. Then sew both felt hearts together with blanket stitches.

diy felt christmas ornament felt heart snowflake embroidery tutorial

For the gingerbread felt heart: Sew both felt hearts together with backstitches. Then embroider the gingerbread heart with backstitches and French knots or colonial knots.

diy gingerbread felt heart ornament tutorial

You can also attach a small red fabric heart with colonial knots and then blanket stitch together both felt hearts.

diy red and grey shabby chic felt heart tutorial

The finished felt heart ornaments:

diy felt ornament felt heart snowflake tutorial

This was the 13th Christmas craft tutorial of my Advent Calendar. Here you’ll find the tutorial for the I-cord stars in the picture below.

diy felt ornament felt heart tutorial

2 thoughts on “DIY Felt Heart Ornaments – Tutorial

  1. What a delightful surprise to find your sight. First drawn in by felt hearts. Then found Edwardian clothes. My daughter makes corsets very similar to those shown. Will be looking at other paths of interest, the recipes look inviting.
    Thank you Arleen

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