DIY Easy Tin Can Oil Lamp – Tutorial

Make an eco-friendly DIY oil lamp from scratch with supplies that you already have at home! All you need is vegetable oil, cotton string, some wire and a tin can.

DIY Easy Tin Can Oil Lamp - Tutorial

It takes less than 5 minutes to turn an empty tin can into this DIY oil lamp!

Making an oil lamp from scratch with vegetable oil and DIY wicks is a fun craft for kids and for you too: So you’ll know how to make a DIY oil lamp in an emergency situation like a power outage!

You can use the DIY tin can oil lamp indoors and outdoors: Use them instead of candles during the holiday season and illuminate your porch, patio or balcony on warm summer evenings.

diy cheap economical metal oil lamp tutorial


Why I Use Oil Lamps Instead Of Candles

  • Oil lamps give more light than a candle.
  • Some candles emit toxins like lead, zinc etc.
  • Oil lamps are safer than a candle or regular oil lamps with lamp oil because the flash point of vegetable oil is so high that the fuel can’t ignite if the oil lamp is knocked over.
  • Oil lamps also burn with a steady flame and produce less soot.
  • They’re economical and cheap: Oil lamps are a great way to use up old cooking oil (even rancid oil doesn’t smell rancid when it’s burned in an oil lamp).
  • And if you’re sensitive to smell: oil lamps don’t smell like candles or tealights, they hardly smell at all while burning. Just when you blow out the oil lamp, there’s a wonderful barbecue smell! 😀



DIY Easy Tin Can Oil Lamp – Tutorial

You’ll need:

  • empty tin can *
  • 100% cotton string
  • copper wire
  • cooking oil
  • scissor
  • round nose pliers

* You can also use a glass jar or glass candle holder instead of the tin can, but be careful: glass can break if the heat is concentrated in one area.

diy vegetable oil lamp tutorial supplies materials copper wire cotton string tin can


DIY Candle Wick

Use a thick 100% cotton string or braid together three thinner cotton strings.

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Trim the candle wick after each use: just cut off the black part of the cotton string.

diy candle wick cotton string tutorial


DIY Oil Lamp

Wash the tin can with soap and water and dry it.

diy easy oil lamp tutorial

Use the round nose pliers to bend one end of the copper wire into a coil, big enough so that you can insert the wick easily, but small enough to hold the wick.

diy oil lamp diy wick cotton string tutorial

Bend the other end of the wire into a large spiral.

diy cooking oil lamp tutorial

Pour cooking oil into the tin can up to the wire coil or slightly above.

diy vegetable oil lamp tutorial

Wait some minutes till the wick has soaked up the oil.

diy tin can oil lamp use up cooking oil

Then light your DIY tin can oil lamp and enjoy the beautiful glow! 😀

how to make an easy emergency vegetable oil lamp


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DIY Oil Lamp Tin Can Vegetable Oil DIY Wick Tutorial

6 thoughts on “DIY Easy Tin Can Oil Lamp – Tutorial

  1. I have never even thought about trying to make something like this. I can’t actually believe how easy it is. Your step by step is great. I’d like to give this a try in the summer when we eat outside. I also feel like this is the kind of thing we all need to know in case of a zombie apocalypse !

    1. Yes, isn’t it great that one can make an oil lamp with repurposed trash: tin can, scrap piece of wire and old cooking oil? 😀

  2. I tried to save this post to Pinterest and was not able to. Do you think the problem is on my end or are your posts not set for posting on Pinterest. I really love this idea and plan on trying it.

    1. That’s a problem of my provider which I’m trying to resolve at the moment. You can save the post to Pinterest by clicking on the link >>> PIN IT FOR LATER <<< at the beginning of the post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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