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Peach Leaf Ice Cream – Dairy-Free, No Raw Eggs

Peach leaf ice cream – an unusual ice cream flavor: It taste of bitter almonds and marzipan. This peach leaf ice cream is dairy-free and made without raw eggs!

Peach Leaf Ice Cream - Dairy-Free, No Raw Eggs

As soon as I read that peach leaves lend a subtle bitter almond flavor to ice cream, I was intrigued! I could hardly wait for summer to try out the peach leaf ice cream with fresh peach leaves from grandma’s garden! Continue reading Peach Leaf Ice Cream – Dairy-Free, No Raw Eggs

10+ Vegan Pie Crust Recipes

14 delicious pie crust recipes – all vegan (dairy-free & egg-free), most are nut-free and two even gluten-free! Vegan pie crusts made with aquafaba, red palm or coconut oil, cocoa butter or olive oil, raw nut butter or nut flour.

10+ Vegan Pie Crust Recipes

I tried all the vegan pie crust recipes and they were delicious! Of course, they’re different than butter-based pie crusts: The coconut pie crust tastes of coconut, the cocoa butter pie crust tastes of chocolate and the almond pie crust tastes slightly of almonds. The boiled pie crust and the pasta dough pie crust aren’t as flaky like a pie crust made with butter. The chickpea flour pie crust is only for savory pies and the palm oil pie crust is bright yellow!

My favorite vegan pie crusts are the aquafaba pie crust, the hazelnut pie crust and the pie crust with soy milk and lemon juice. The aquafaba and soy milk lemon pie crusts are just as flaky as an all-butter pie crust and they have a neutral taste – perfect for all kinds of pies! And the hazelnut is delicious with fruit pies, such as blackberry pie, apple pie or juneberry pie, and if you have pie dough leftover you can turn it into hazelnut cookies or dog treats. Continue reading 10+ Vegan Pie Crust Recipes

Mirror Glaze Recipe – With Natural Food Coloring, Dairy-Free, No Corn Syrup

This homemade mirror glaze from scratch is dairy-free, made without corn syrup and naturally colored with butterfly pea tea.

Mirror Glaze Recipe - With Natural Food Coloring, Dairy-Free, No Corn Syrup

I may have mentioned it once or twice before 😉 but I love the naturally dark blue color of butterfly pea tea! So of course I had to dye my homemade mirror glaze naturally blue with butterfly pea tea!

I always wanted to try out mirror glaze but since I can’t eat dairy I had to figure out how to make mirror glaze dairy-free. Continue reading Mirror Glaze Recipe – With Natural Food Coloring, Dairy-Free, No Corn Syrup

Homemade Aquafaba

Homemade aquafaba is amazing stuff! Turn something that you’d usually throw away into vegan whipped cream and vegan meringue. How amazing is that?! Aquafaba is easy to make at home and it tastes much better than store-bought aquafaba.

Homemade Aquafaba
Whipped aquafaba is pure white! Homemade aquafaba, whipped homemade aquafaba and cooked chickpeas

Aquafaba – sometimes called chickpea brine – is the cooking water of chickpeas (or other legumes). It’s a natural, vegan, plant-based egg replacer. You can use aquafaba as vegan egg substitute for cakes, as binder for vegan burgers, for vegan mayonnaise or vegan cheese, for vegan marshmallows or vegan marshmallow fluff, to make vegan mousse and vegan buttercream, as vegan whipped cream substitute or vegan ice cream base, for vegan chocolate-covered marshmallow cookies, for fluffy vegan waffles and crepes – you can even make vegan meringue or a vegan pavlova with aquafaba! Continue reading Homemade Aquafaba