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#artdecoapril – 1920s & 1930s Historical Costuming Instagram Challenge

Artdecoapril Instagram 1920s 1930s Historical Costuming Challenge April 2018

I’m hosting my first instagram challenge! Yay! 😀 I love instagram sewing and historical costuming challenges; they are great to meet like-minded people!

#artdecoapril is a month-long instagram challenge for the art deco period (the 1920s & 1930s).


How do I participate?

To participate, post a photo inspired by the daily prompt and tag @lina_sewhistorically and #artdecoapril. You can pick anything from the art deco period (1920s & 1930s): handmade 1920s/ 1930s dresses and accessories, original garments, makeup & hairstyles, recipes, history tidbits, paintings, photographs, movies … You can interpret the daily prompt in any way you like. Continue reading #artdecoapril – 1920s & 1930s Historical Costuming Instagram Challenge