Hi, I’m Lina. Welcome to sewhistorically.com! 😀

My blog is about sewing, DIY, historical costuming, natural makeup, historical hairstyles, refashion & historical recipes. Here you’ll find free tutorials and inspiration.

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victorian white muslin summer dress-91
1850s sheer muslin summer dress

I post about historical costumes I’ve sewn and will be sewing in the future. And I’m sharing free tutorials about sewing, DIY crafts, and historical costume making with you.

I’m interested in historical fashion and the living conditions of people, mainly from the 1840s till the 1920s. I’ve sewn many costumes, from about 1500 till the 1950s, and crafted accompanying accessories. I’ll be posting about them by and by.

Also, I like to try out – historically inspired – ‘new’ things: From cooking on a cast iron stove, spinning wool and weaving, making lace, trying out historical hairstyles and vintage beauty recipes, to haymaking with the scythe. I like to cook, make jewelry, and being outside in the nature.

I hope you’ll like it here and stay a while. I love to hear from you! 😀




25 Things About Me

  • I’m sewing with an old, mechanical Pfaff sewing machine inherited from my grandmother.
  • Usually, when I’m writing a post, my black German shepherd dog is lying somewhere near my feet snoring.
  • I love black animals, especially black dogs.
  • I like to cook and bake, trying out new things. At the moment, I often cook Indian food.
  • I like water and swimming (so does my dog).
  • I love thunderstorms (but my dog doesn’t 😉 ).
  • I rather like to make my own things, than buy them.
  • I like to reuse and repurpose old clothes.
  • What I’ve learned through sewing historical costumes: Corsets aren’t painful (in fact, a well fitted corset is more comfortable to wear than a bra); and hand sewing isn’t as slowly as I thought.
  • I’m impatient.
  • I like to sew my own everyday clothes: from underwear to coats to shoes.
  • My favourite colours are: mint, pink, and turquoise.
  • I love being outside, especially in warm weather, but also when it rains or snows.
  • I love bicycling and hiking.
  • I like to photograph.
  • At the moment, I like listening to 1920’s music.
  • I like movies, from period dramas to thrillers and action movies.
  • I don’t use dairy products (apart from butter sometimes) due to milk protein allergy.
  • I love home-made French-fried potatoes. And I love ice cream.
  • I’m a self-taught sewist.
  • I don’t use commercial patterns, but draft my own sewing patterns.
  • I don’t like winter clothing.
  • I like to crochet. But I don’t like to knit.
  • I like to try out new things: mowing with a scythe, dyeing wool, printing fabric, making shoes
  • Often, I’d like to do more things than there’s time for. 😉