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DIY Quince Seed Hair Gel – Victorian Bandoline

Make DIY quince seed hair gel at home with just 2 ingredients: quince seeds and water! DIY quince seed hair gel – in the Victorian era called quince seed bandoline – helps to set your curls.

DIY Quince Seed Hair Gel Victorian Bandoline

‘Of the many preparations recommended to keep the hair in curl none is easier for amateurs to make, or is more effective, even in damp weather, than bandoline, made from quince seeds. It is harmless, and keeps straight locks in curls.’ (Health And Beauty Hints, 1910)

Victorian and Edwardian ladies loved curly and wavy hair. Sausage curls were popular in the Victorian era, while Edwardian ladies preferred a fluffy, wavy or formal, Marcel waved pompadour with neck curls. Continue reading DIY Quince Seed Hair Gel – Victorian Bandoline

Victorian Rosewater Glycerin Lotion

Avoid toxic chemicals and make a simple homemade lotion with just 2 ingredients: rosewater & glycerin. Rosewater glycerin lotion has been popular since the Victorian era.

Victorian Rosewater Glycerin Lotion Homemade Moisturizer

Victorian and Edwardian ladies used rosewater glycerin lotion as everyday lotion before applying face powder and as mild face toner after washing their face. Continue reading Victorian Rosewater Glycerin Lotion