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1940 – 1950s Bra & Garter Belt + Free Patterns

1940s 1950s Bra And Garter Belt + Free Patterns-24

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we’re clearing out Grandma’s house at the moment. And I found some of her lingerie: bras and garter belts! They’re probably from the late 1940s or early 1950s. The bras have the characteristic, pointy, conical bullet bra shape of the 1950s – but not as exaggerated as some of the 1950s bras.


And if you want to sew your own pin-up bra or vintage garter belt, I traced the patterns of two of the bras and of one of the garter belts. You can download the patterns for free and adjust them to your size. Continue reading 1940 – 1950s Bra & Garter Belt + Free Patterns

All-Natural Rose Petal Jelly

Rose Petal Jelly Recipe

This rose jelly is made with fresh rose petals. It’s a stunning dessert, delicious and easy to make. Isn’t the color amazing? The rose jelly is made without artificial food coloring – it’s naturally colored with pink rose petals!

Continue reading All-Natural Rose Petal Jelly

Sew It Cook It Craft It – Link Party #25

Sew It Cook It Craft It Link Party - Sew Historically

Welcome to the 25th Sew It Cook It Craft It Link Party! 😀 I’m excited what you’ll be sharing today!

We’re clearing out my grandmother’s house at the moment. The house has to be sold to pay for her full-time care. There’s a lot of junk but also some hidden treasures: beautiful Edwardian stools, an old harmonium, 1950s lingerie, old kitchen utensils … Follow me along on Instagram as I’ll share my favorite vintage finds on Instagram in the next weeks. Continue reading Sew It Cook It Craft It – Link Party #25