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Hardtack As Dog Food – Historical Food Fortnightly

Hardtack Recipe - Historical Food Fortnightly

Hardtack,  also called ship’s biscuit, is a hard cracker made with flour and water. It was used on long sea voyages, and soldiers in the American Civil War were sometimes supplied with hardtack rations instead of flour. But hardtack is also an early form of dog food: ‘Dog-biscuit is a hard and well-baked mass of coarse, yet clean and wholesome flour, of an inferior kind to that known as sailors’ biscuit; and this latter substance, indeed, would be the best substitute’ (The Quarterly Journal of Agriculture, 1841, p. 244).

Hardtack will keep much longer than flour (in museums there’s still hardtack which is over hundred years old! 😮 )- so it’s my entry for the Historical Food Fortnightly challenge 12 (food preservation). Continue reading Hardtack As Dog Food – Historical Food Fortnightly

Edwardian Bermuda Fagoting – Tutorial

Edwardian Bermuda Fagoting - Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make Bermuda fagoting. Bermuda fagoting is a lacelike stitch which resembles hemstitching. The fabric is pierced with a coarse needle without removing any threads as in hemstitching: therefore it can be worked on curved lines, and it’s easy and fast to make.

Bermuda fagoting was often used in the Edwardian era Continue reading Edwardian Bermuda Fagoting – Tutorial