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How To Dress In The Edwardian Era

Edwardian Shirtwaist Costume

‘ I am sure she was well dressed […] for I cannot remember what she had on.’ (Household Companion, 1909)

Edwardian women were advised not to neglect the importance of dress: ‘Suit your dresses to the occasions upon which they are to be used’ (Household Companion, 1909). ‘A trailing gown of velvet and lace is not adapted for shopping or travelling, any more than a tweed skirt and flannel blouse is appropriate to an afternoon reception.’ (Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia, 1910-2) Continue reading How To Dress In The Edwardian Era

Edwardian Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial

Edwardian Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a basic Edwardian Pompadour hairstyle. This 1910 Pompadour updo is described as ‘chic and pretty, without being in any way over-elaborate’. ‘The Pompadour style is one of the quickest methods of dressing the hair’ (Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia, 1910-2): It can be done in less than ten minutes. Continue reading Edwardian Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial

Heat, Hair & Hair Color – Victorian And Edwardian Hair Care

Daytime hairdressing

It’s restful for the scalp if the hair isn’t all the time dressed in the same way: ‘In the early part of the day, when simple frocks are worn, it may be twisted or braided at the back, making an elaborate coiffure for afternoon. This insures the head being cool in all places at different times.’ (Health And Beauty Hints, 1910)

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‘It is a good thing, about noon, to take out one’s hairpins and to toss the hair loose. It looks pretty and it does the hair a world of good […] letting the air circulate through it.’ After washing and drying the hair, ‘leave the hair hang loose for two hours. […] The girl with the prettiest hair in the world makes it her pleasure to let her hair hang down the day it is shampooed. She braids it loosely and she ties it with a picturesque bow of ribbon. Then she puts on a lovely afternoon gown and is at home to her friend. Her coiffure, or the lack of it, is put down to novelty. Certainly it is becoming.’ (Chicago Tribune, 1907)

Heat, Hair & Hair Color – Victorian And Edwardian Hair Care Continue reading Heat, Hair & Hair Color – Victorian And Edwardian Hair Care