1920s Gold Sequin Evening Cloche

1920s Gold Sequin Evening Cloche

I made a matching cloche for my 1920s gold sequin dress.

I like how the dress and cloche turned out but I don’t like sewing sequin fabrics because it’s as messy as velvet fabric! The whole room was covered in gold sequins! And it’s not as nice as it sounds! 😉 The cut through sequins are sharp and stick to everything.

1920s Gold Sequin Evening Cloche Hat

My sequin evening cloche is inspired by the following antique 1920s sequined evening cloche hats: 1920s evening cloche with gold sequins, 4-part crown; 1920s “Made in France” gold sequin cloche (scroll down); 1920s flapper girl with evening cloche; another 1920s photograph of a flapper with evening cloche and 1920s turban-style evening cloche with gold sequins.

1920s evening sequin dress

It’s funny how women in the 1920s could change their hair color for one evening! Even two-colored hair was possible! 😀

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1920s gold sequin dress
Look, an airplane!

1920s girl and dog

You can find all my historical and antique costumes on my pinterest board: “My Finished Historical Costumes

1920s evening cloche hat

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