18th Century/ Victorian Cotton Pockets

Victorian Cotton Pockets

Pockets in the 18th century and the 1840s-60s were worn over the petticoats and under the skirt (the skirt had slits at the sides for accessing the pockets).

‘Pockets are either worn tied round the waist, fastened into the petticoat, or buttoned upon the stays. When fastened into the petticoat, they are made of the same material, otherwise of dimity, calico, jean, twilled muslin, and sometimes of nankeen or brown jean.

Take a doubled piece of six nails width-way, and seven nails selvage-way when doubled, and cut according to Fig. 10.’ (The Worwoman’s Guide, 1840) Here’s the pattern for the pocket.

1840s 1850s 1860s cotton pockets

For my Victorian pockets, I’ve used white cotton fabric.

Here’s an 1857 painting of pockets, and a painting of 18th century pockets. Here are three antique white cotton pockets: Victorian, 1785-1810, and late 18th to early 19th century.

18th century pockets

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