18th Century Hand-plaited Straw Bergère Hat

18th century plaited straw hat

This 18th century straw bergère hat I’ve plaited myself.

bergere straw hat

A bergère is a hat with a low crown and wide brim. Bergère means shepherdess in French.

wide brim straw hat

The bergère hat could be covered with silk, trimmed with ribbon, or left plain.

straw hat close up

Here’s a picture of an 18th century straw hat.

18th century bergere straw hat

Bergère hats were popular since the mid-18th century.

hand made straw hat

To make this straw hat, I’ve soaked straw in cold water. Then I’ve plaited a continuous braid overlapping the short straws.

DIY straw hat

Afterwards I’ve sewn the straw plait together, with invisible stitches on the outside.

18th century hat blue cotton ribbon

The hat is tied with a blue cotton ribbon.

18th bergère

This hat is also the foundation for my 1900s hat trimmed with ostrich feather, rose, chiffon and satin.

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