1860s Underwear – Dressing The Victorian Lady

The invention of the steel cage crinoline led to some changes in the mid-Victorian women’s underwear.

victorian open drawers

Put on chemise, open drawers, corset, day cap, stockings, and shoes as for the 1850s underwear.

victorian corset crinoline

Since 1856, steel crinolines were sold. This cage crinoline soon replaced the many petticoats which were formerly necessary for a fashionable bell-shaped skirt silhouette. Now just one or two petticoats were needed apart from the crinoline.

1860s underwear hoop skirt crinoline

One petticoat was worn over the crinoline to conceal the hoops of the crinoline. In movies and reproduction dresses it’s easy to detect when the crinoline is worn without an over-petticoat. 😉 A ‘modesty petticoat’ may be worn under the crinoline for modesty and warmth.

1860s underwear ruffled petticoat pockets

I’m wearing my flounced petticoat over the crinoline, but a plain petticoat would also do.

victorian ruffled petticoat corset undersleeves

Now it’s time to tie your pockets round your waist. If your dress needs them, you may put on engageantes (false undersleeves).

1850s ruffled petticoat corset undersleeves pockets

Now you’re ready to put on your dress.

1860s Copper Taffeta Dress

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