1850s Limerick Lace Day Cap

1850s limerick lace cap

This is my 1850s Limerick lace day cap which I’ve embroidered myself.

1850s limerick lace cap close-up

I used unbleached cotton bobbinet tulle and non-mercerized white cotton thread, which was so difficult to get: Nearly all embroidery thread seams to be mercerized. Mercerization was invented in 1844, and seems to have been used in the production of fabric in the Victorian era because mercerized cotton is easier to dye. However, I couldn’t find proof that mercerization was also used for embroidery or sewing thread. All antique Limerick laces I’ve seen are embroidered with dull non-mercerized thread, not shiny mercerized thread.

1850s limerick lace cap back view

Limerick lace is either tambour or needlerun lace. I made needlerun Limerick lace.

Here you’ll find instructions on how to make needle-run lace.

Limerick lace

Here’s an antique 19th century Irish Limerick lace day cap and close-ups of an 1840-50 needlerun Limerick lace fragment.

limerick lace draw design
My design for the Victorian Limerick lace cap

limerick lace day cap

I’ve only embroidered motifs which I’ve seen on antique mid-Victorian Limerick lace.

needle-run limerick lace

The frilly border is finished with crochet.

Limerick lace veil

It was so much fun to make this dainty lace and – apart from the research – it didn’t take long at all.

1850s limerick lace cap front view

Here are close-ups of a 19th century tambour Limerick lace veil – the bellflower and small flowers of my lace are based on this lace veil – and close-ups of an 1850-60 tambour Limerick lace flounce.

1850s limerick lace day cap

Here are close-up pictures of my Limerick lace cap. And here I’m wearing the lace cap.

I’ve also made an 1850s Carrickmacross lace day cap.

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